The following lists extrusion dies available to extrude mill runs. All mill runs must be for a minimum of 150 kilograms (kgs). This minimum may be increased at sometime in the future.

How much is a minimum mill run in metres?

If you divide 150 by the mass shown for a section number you will obtain the approximate number of metres required for a minimum mill run. For example for section 9433, a rectangular hollow 50 x 25mm with a 3mm wall thickness:

Minimum mill run = 150 (kg) = 134.17 metres
  1.118 (kg/m)  

Mill runs require a leadtime of about 2 to 3 weeks for mill finish from existing dies, and are subject to a shipping tolerance of +/- 10% approximately.

If you cannot find a shape you want, ask us!

New shapes are continually added to the range or we may know of a suitable alternative.


Please indicate that these profiles are available from R&B Aluminium Ltd or at the very least put R&B in front of the section number: E.g. R&B 5512 for the 20 x 1.6 equal angle shown on page 3. This avoids confusion and possible incorrect material supply – there are 6 extruders in New Zealand and a given section number would refer to different shapes with each extruder. Sections have been reduced in size for inclusion in this catalogue – please ask for fully dimensioned drawings if necessary.

Alloys available

All sections are available to be extruded in alloys 6060 or 6063. Subject to enquiry most sections can be extruded in 6061 or 6005 alloys. Alloy rationalisation may occur at any time.